Tiny Green House Blog - Interesting blog about a group of four college
friends covering the design and construction of a tiny house project.  
Includes a video section.
Tiny Home Community in Detroit, MI
Cass Community Social Services in Detroit is in the process of building 25
tiny homes which will be available to qualified low income people at
reasonable rent (it looks like $1 per square foot) with the option to own the
house and land after 7 years occupancy.  
Great deals on pre owned Tiny Houses.
Tiny Home Builders is an incredible website that I came across recently
that has, among other things a feature that has a map of the United States
with dozens of listings of tiny homes that are for sale for various reasons.  
Also would be a great place to sell a tiny house if you have one.  
Tiny Concrete Houses
Superior Concrete Tiny Houses combines the qualities that tiny
house enthusiasts love with the safe energy-efficient homes that
can be built using concrete.  These homes can be built on a solid
foundation or put on wheels.  
Tiny House Conference for 2018 is scheduled for March 17th and
18th in Charlotte, NC.  I attended the one in Asheville last year and
it was well worth it.  They had tons of model houses and displays
and very informative workshops.  You can register for the upcoming
event in Charlotte now.  
Tiny Green Houses Can Make A BIG Impact!

The inspiration for tinygreenhouses.com came from the increasing interest that has been    
seen in downsizing, as many people in the United States look to decrease the amount of      
"stuff" they possess in order to make their lives a little less complicated.  The desire that      
many people have to free themselves from all of the headaches that go along with               
amassing and caring for large quantities of possessions, combined with an                           
ever-increasing focus on reducing our "footprint" on the planet by Going Green has            
created the perfect environment for a website featuring smaller houses.  

Tinygreenhouses.com will provide stories to educate its readers on the benefits of          
downsizing and living a simpler life.  We will provide examples of people who are currently    
living in very small houses, as well as information to help you should you decide to build a    
tiny house yourself.  We will also  provide links to websites of companies that can help         
you achieve your dream of "Going Green" by living in a smaller area.  A large portion of       
the site will focus on Park Model Homes, which have grown in popularity in the last few         
years due to more people being concerned with the environment, as well as some                
exciting changes in the way they are constructed.

Please check back often, as we will be continually updating this site with new features     
and links.  If you have any questions or comments, or you are a builder or designer of          
Park Models or small houses and would like to see your products displayed on the site,        
please contact admin@tinygreenhouses.com
Tiny House Giveaway.

I just ran across this website today (October 18, 2017)while doing some
research.  According to this, a foundation in Georgia that makes handcrafted
wooden furniture (Lamon Luther Foundation) is giving away a tiny house this
December.  It looks more like a raffle than a giveaway, but it is a way of
raising funds for the foundation, which provides jobs for people in Georgia.  
They are essential accepting donations in exchange for entries into a drawing
for the tiny house.  You can also mail a postcard to be entered for free.  It is
a nice looking house.  Here is the website  
Tiny House Giveaway

Tiny House Resources

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