California Park Models

Sky Valley Resorts offers a variety of Park Model Homes.

Park Model homes and pre-owned RVs

Bobs Rv Sales in Hemet, California has Skyline, Cavco and Breckinridge Park Model
Homes in stock.

California Park Model Homes

Providing Manufactured Homes and Park Models in California.  Located in Beaumont,
California Tiny Houses & Park Model Homes

Tortoise Shell Home

Cedarpines Park, California company offers three models of high quality, low cost mini

Molecule Tiny Homes

Design/builders of custom tiny homes.  Based in Santa Cruz, CA.

Little House on the Trailer

Custom designed manufactured homes, recreational cottages built in Petaluma,

California Tiny House
Fresno, CA design build company that strives to build the best tiny house at an
affordable price.
Instant Mobile House   

Southern California's largest Park Model Home Dealer

Four Lights Tiny House Company

This Cotati, California company builds very tiny houses, from 98 sq. ft, to the not as
small homes that are more in line with traditional park model homes.  Some of these
have as much as 380 sq. ft with an additional 350 ft of loft space.

My Bunk Houses

San Bernadino, CA company builds custom designed tiny houses.  Lots of photos on the

The tiny house movement is an inspired, intentional, and admittedly adorable form of
extreme downsizing. It plays an essential part in teaching people how to live sustainably.
Tiny green houses in California are very popular among homeowners who lean more
towards “modest” than “sparse” and might consider settling for one of these dwellings to
reduce their environmental impact.

Tiny green houses in California have attracted more attention as they offer housing that is
more affordable for people who couldn’t afford the normal house. The tiny house creates
a more sustainable lifestyle and it is very environmentally friendly.

While the idea of downsizing isn’t new, the tiny house movement is really about its
simplicity. Most of the tiny houses in California are just between 64 to 300 square feet.
They have become very popular for their novelty and aesthetic appeal.

The choice of a tiny green homes in California appeals to a variety of individuals, like
young singles who want to purchase their first home.  In addition retirees, 50 and older
with little savings that prefer to build their own home also have been joining the movement.

For tiny green houses, sustainable building materials are usually used. Some people have
built their tiny home with salvaged material collected from dumps, neighbors, or Craigslist;
others have purchased homes from companies that use recycled or sustainably-sourced
materials. These tiny green houses can be merged into subsections. The subsection of
tiny houses can be used to resuscitate urban spaces and diminution rural communities.

Tiny houses are built in different ways. Some are equipped with rainwater collection and
solar panels. They are designed to live completely off the grid and can be parked just
about anywhere you want. Other tiny homes are built more traditionally, needing power
and water hookups. This type can also be transported to different locations.  These park
model homes are classified as RVs, although in general people tend to not move them too
many times.  

Tiny houses require much less energy consumption overall: heating, cooling, and lighting
a small space is always easier than keeping up with a sprawling layout. Tiny houses are
affordable and customizable. There are tons of tiny house building websites. Even if you
have one, it can be rebuilt and rearranged. The fact that tiny green houses in California
are both affordable and eco-friendly have made it a very good choice for lots of individuals
and families alike.