We are constantly searching the United States to find places you can buy Park Model Homes.  We do not
endorse any of these companies, we simply aim to give you the as many options as possible to help your
search for a Park Model Home.  If you are a dealer of Park Models in Colorado please send a link to your
website to admin@tinygreenhouses.com and we will be glad to add your company to the directory.
Park Model Homes and Tiny Houses in Colorado
Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Durango, Colorado company builds quality, affordable tiny houses.  They have built
many custom designed homes and can probably build whatever you would like.  
Also offering consulting services for those who want to complete some or all of the
construction themselves.

Mitchcraft Tiny Homes
Fort Collins, CO design - builders of tiny homes.  Lots of photos and even pricing
information on the website.

Tiny Diamond Homes

Colorado's tiny home builder.  Morrison, CO custom builders.

Sprout Tiny Homes

Custom Tiny House builders in Colorado.  Built stronger with Structural Insulated
Panels (SIPs).
Colorado Tiny House News:  December 2017- El Paso County will allow tiny houses in
unincorporated areas.  A vote was taken and the land use code was amended to allow tiny
homes (400 sq ft or less houses or park models, usually on wheels) wherever mobile homes are
allowed.  Rather than classify them as RVs they will allow people to live in their tiny homes
permanently under the new code.