We are constantly searching the United States to find places you can buy Park Model Homes.  We do not
endorse any of these companies, we simply aim to give you the as many options as possible to help your
search for a Park Model Home.  If you are a dealer of Park Models in Hawaii please send a link to your website
to admin@tinygreenhouses.com and we will be glad to add your company to the directory.
Habitats Hawaii
Self contained, sustainable tiny homes on
wheels.  All models come solar ready.

Tiny Pacific Houses
Located in Honolulu.  Features several
great customizable models.  Hawaii's
official partner of Tiny Mountain Houses.

Island Tiny Homes
Specializing in custom designed homes
that are both affordable and portable.  

Tiny Houses and Park Models in Hawaii

Aloha Tiny Hales
These are really nice customizable tiny houses.  They have standard inexpensive
tiny homes, as well as beautiful off the grid solar powered homes.
Tiny Green Houses