We are constantly searching the United States to find places you can buy Park Model Homes.  We do not endorse
any of these companies, we simply aim to give you the as many options as possible to help your search for a Park
Model Home.  If you are a dealer of Park Models in Ohio please send a link to your website to
admin@tinygreenhouses.com and we will be glad to add your company to the directory.
Modern Tiny Living
Columbus, Ohio based tiny home design
and construction company. Lots of
beautiful models and great information
about finding land and park model trailer

Tiny Homes of Ohio
Amish manufacturer of self contained
homes.  They are located in Dundee, OH.

Small Space Cle
Cleveland, Ohio builders of THOW homes
(Tiny Houses On Wheels).  Incredible
designs!  The virtual tour of some of the
model homes alone is worth checking out
the website.   

Park Models and Tiny Houses in Ohio

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