There are many builders and manufacturers of tiny houses in
Washington.  The beautiful landscape lends itself well to people
who enjoy this type of dwelling.  These homes are popular in
urban as well as rural settings.  

This page has links to several companies that can build your tiny
dream home.  When purchasing a park model or tiny house, it is
important to check the local bylaws and ordinances of the
community you wish to place it in.  More information on this and
other topics can be found in
American Tiny House Association.  
The link goes to the section for Washington.
Kelso, Washington Park Models
Uneek RV Center has an entire inventory
of Park Model Homes with several
different makers to choose from.

Jade Tiny House
A high quality guest house, vacation
cabin, studio, office, apartment.  Built in
Washington, available with wheels or on a
permanent foundation.

Park Model Homes in Washington
Toutle River RV Resort in Castle Rock,
WA has Fleetwood, Nor'Wester and
Skyline Park Models.

Zyl Vardos  
Olympia, WA builder and designer of
unique tiny homes.

Seattle Tiny Homes
Custom design build company in Seattle
delivers to all 50 states.  Model home in
Duvall, WA.

American Micro Home
Tiny Homes, custom trailers and

Big Freedom Tiny Homes
Bellingham WA company builds amazing
high end tiny houses.

Modern Shed
These "sheds" have many uses and work
great as guest houses, cabins or off the
grid homes.

Park Models and Tiny Houses in Washington

Backcountry Tiny Homes
Custom Tiny home builders.  Visits of
the building space in Vancouver, WA
can be scheduled Mon-Fri.

Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins
Marlin, Washington Park Model
Home builders with many different
models to choose from, from
144-400 square feet.
Seattle, Washington design /builders of
beautiful shipping container homes.  
Some of these are larger but many fall
into the Tiny House category.

West Coast Homes
Lynden, WA company builds beautiful,
economical, low maintenance Park Model

Wilder RV
Port Angeles, Washington company has
park model tiny homes and cabins
manufactured by Kropf and Forest River.
Tiny Green Houses