Buying Owner Financed Land in AL
If you have owner financed land for sale in Alabama,
send a link to and we will
include it in this directory.  We'd like to keep adding to
the list!
There are many opportunities to buy land
in Alabama with owner financing.  The
area features thriving cities, such as
Birmingham, but there is also a lot of rural
land for sale in Alabama.

Much of the undeveloped land in Alabama
is owned by individuals who have held the
property for years  an this leads to more
opportunities to by land with owner

In a deal of this kind, the buyer usually
gives the owner a down payment, then
continues to make monthly payments
directly to the owner until the price of the
land is paid off.

Once the final payment is made, the seller
transfers the title to the land to the buyer.

Owner finance deals benefit many buyers
because they generally do not require a
credit check so buyers who may have
trouble financing land through a bank are
now able to buy land.  

Many sellers also like this method
because it makes it easier to find a buyer
and also allows for the seller to make
some money in interest as the buyer pays
off the full amount of the land.
Alabama acreage
Kessler Land Agency has Alabama land,
farms, homes.  Many have owner-finance

Skipper Realty
Robertsdale, AL real estate business makes
it easy to search for owner financed land
opportunities.  Properties look to be mostly in
Baldwin County.

Alabama Owner Financed Land
Investment land, building lots in AL, many with
owner financing options.

Power Real Estate
Foreclosures, rentals and owner financed
land.  Great deals especially in Mobile and
Baldwin County Alabama.
Buying land in Alabama is made easy by
Land Bank, LLC.  Great owner finance deals.

AG Realty
A great site for buying or selling land in
Alabama.  Full time land and farm brokerage

Alabama Owner Financed Land

Mountain Properties Real Estate
Provides a fast and simple way to search
for Northern Alabama mountain lots and
Tiny Green Houses