Owner Financed land for sale in Arizona

If you are looking for an investment property or future home site in Arizona, owner
financed land may be a good option.  When you buy land that is owner financed it is
usually not necessary to qualify with a credit check.  

Land in Arizona is plentiful, so there are many opportunities to find land with owner
financing possibilities.  When buying owner financed land in Arizona, or any other state
you should keep in mind that by using this kind of financing you will probably pay a
higher interest rate than you would with a bank loan.  
If you have owner financed land for sale in
Arizona, send a link to admin@tinygreenhouses.com and we will
include it in this directory.
Arizona Land with Owner Finance
Beautiful lots with low down payments in AZ, CO and OR.

Northern Arizona Land For Sale
Jake's Old West Properties has lots of land for sale in Arizona, many with owner terms.
Land For Less
Cheap land in Arizona with easy financing for everyone.

Cheap Dirt
Very inexpensive land for sale in Arizona, Colorado and Utah.  They don't
specifically say that they are financing the land, but even if you would need
to qualify or pay cash, the prices are great.

The Land Box
This is a land blog that specializes offering owner financed land in out of the
way and off the grid places where you can bring your tiny house or RV.  
They have a deal near the Petrified Forest in Arizona that you can get for
$129 down and easy payments after that.  If you have the cash you can buy
it for just $999.
More Owner financed land in Arizona
If you're still searching for that perfect piece of land in Arizona with owner
financing options, you might want to check out Craigslist.  As of this writing,
there are dozens of properties listed in the Phoenix section alone that offer
the opportunity to finance through the seller.

Keep in mind that the land for sale changes over time so this is just a
snapshot of what is available as I'm writing this, but there are a couple of
really interesting listings.

The first one is a place that is selling 2.5 acres for just $150 down and 39
monthly payments of $100 each.  It is near the Petrified Forest National Park
and close to the town of Holbrook.  I don't know how feasible it would be to
live there full time, but it looks like a great location to bring your park model
and stay for a while and explore the surrounding area.

Another property for sale with owner financing possibilities is probably out of
the price range of a lot of people, and might not be the perfect place to put a
tiny home, but it looks like it could be a gold mine.  

Actually it is a gold mine-literally.  The Tip Top mine and ghost town,
consisting of 57 acres and 3 patented mining claims is for sale for $695,000
with owner financing available.  The remains of some of the buildings from
the 1880's are still there.

There are several other parcels for sale with owner financing, with many of
them in the $5,000 range, usually with low down payments, then $100-$200
a month for just a few years.

Second Act Land Company
Great source for finding land in Arizona with owner financing.  They offer 90
day money back guarantee.  

Mr Jones and Me Properties
This company makes it easy and affordable to buy land in Arizona.  They
offer owner financing as well as a reduced cash price.  Many parcels
between $100 and $200 a month.
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