Connecticut Owner Financed Land

Connecticut Land
Northeast Realty features land for sale in CT
and MA.  Usually several lots with owner

Connecticut Owner Financed Land
Coldwell Banker Realty 2000 has a website
that makes it easy to search for CT land, with
some owner finance deals.
Finding owner financed land for sale in Connecticut
is a little more difficult than in some other states, but
there are still some sellers out there that are willing
to carry a land contract, rather than requiring the
buyer to pay in cash or go through a traditional

Connecticut is a smaller state that is located
relatively close to some major metropolitan areas so
land is at a premium.  This makes the value of the
land higher than in many areas of the country, which
results in fewer opportunities in which the seller is
willing to finance a land purchase.  

However, if you can find an opportunity to find land
in Connecticut with owner financing you should
strongly consider it.  Connecticut features some of
the most beautiful acreage in New England and most
of the state is very convenient to New York city and
Boston as well.   

If you own land in CT and are willing to offer owner
financing please contact and provide
information and/or photos of your land and we will
include it on this page.
Finding Owner Financed Land in Connecticut
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