Owner Financed Land in Hawaii

Why buy owner financed land in Hawaii?
Hawaii is a very desirable place because of the
incredible natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands
and the limited amount of land available.   The
Hawaiian Islands are a tropical paradise that
everyone should at least visit once in their lifetime.  

Of course for some people, just visiting is not
enough. Many people seek land for sale in Hawaii
so they can build their dream home.  

If you are interested in buying land in Hawaii but
aren't sure if you have the credit rating for
traditional financing, purchasing land with owner
financing may be the solution for you.   

There are individual land owners willing to do this
kind of deal in Hawaii if you look hard enough.   
There are also auction companies that sell land to
the highest bidder that offer owner financing to the

In addition to the websites listed on this page I have
also seen owner financed land in Hawaii on ebay
from time to time.  
Makai Properties
Hawaii land and homes for sale.  There
are usually some listings with owner

This site usually has several lots for sale
by owner in Hawaii.
Tiny Green Houses