How to buy real estate without a bank
             By: Daniel Ba

Most people won't even look for their dream house or dream property because they think they have to pay for it all in one
lump sum. Wrong! You can buy houses and land with little or no down payment, and even without a bank or credit check.
If you are, like most hard-working people, struggling to pay your rent and make a living, you need to start right now and
do something for your future. Whatever you pay in rent is gone for ever. Paying off a house or property will build your
assets and give you ownership once you have it paid off.

The secret is: Owner financing. While still going to college, I was renting a
small house in town for $250 a month. Sure, I had a place to live, but besides that there was nothing else I was ever going
to get out of those $250 I paid month after month. I then found an ad in the paper and got out of the rent-trap. It lowered
my monthly payments to $175 a month and I started paying off my own place instead of paying rent!

Owner financing means that the owner of the property will let you pay it off
like a loan. Once you have it paid off you get the deed to the property. Most owners do not care who they sell to. So they
will almost never make a credit check. In my opinion, credit reports are a scam anyways. As long as you can make your
monthly payments, anyone offering owner financing will sell to you!

Low or now down payments. Many properties are offered with low or no down payment. And if you happen to find one with
a higher down payment, just ask! Many sellers are willing to reduce or even waive a down payment. However, you should
be able to pay at least the first monthly payment and a document or closing fee for the paperwork. Speaking of
paperwork, make sure you get signed contracts and keep track of your payments. Avoid paying cash!

As soon as you start making payments, most sellers will also let you start using the property. Make sure you ask about
that! Never assume anything! If you are buying a house with owner financing, you can start living there right away and
immediately stop paying rent (check your rental contract)! You will then start paying off your own property instead of just
paying for the privilege to live there. If you just buy land, check if mobile homes are allowed. You can buy cheap used
mobile homes almost anywhere. They don't have to be trashy! Save up the money you wasted on rent for your dream

As you can see, no bank or bad credit report can keep you from owning your own house or piece of land! All you have to
do is to go and look for real estate ads and scan for keywords like "terms" or "owner financing" or "financing available" or
"owner will carry". And even if you find a house or property without financing, you can always make an offer and ask if the
owner would be willing to finance!

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Daniel is a entrepreneur and is into real estate business since a decade. He currently
offers realty services and free real estate listing from his website

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