Owner Financed PA Land
Lots of building lots with easy owner financing
terms in Pennsylvania.

North Central PA Land
Connolly Real Estate Company of Liberty, PA
has land and homes.  Every time I go to the
site I find a few with owner financing.

A great site for land for sale by owner, many
owner finance properties for sale in

Owner Financed Land in Pennsylvania

If you have owner financed land for sale in Pennsylvania,
send a link to admin@tinygreenhouses.com and we will
include it in this directory.
Why Buy Owner Financed Land in

Pennsylvania is a great place to buy land as an
investment or future home site.  But because of
the current economic conditions many people are
unsure if they are able to purchase land in PA.  If
you are looking to buy land you may want to
check into owner financing.  

Owner financing is when a land owner holds the
title of the property and allows the buyer to make
payments over a specified amount of time.  This
arrangement makes it easier for the seller to find
a buyer since any potential buyer doesn't have to
qualify for a bank loan.  

If you are a buyer who is having trouble
qualifying for a traditional loan an owner finance
deal, or "land contract" may be your only
opportunity to purchase land. One thing to
consider is that when you buy owner financed
land you will generally pay a higher interest rate
than you would if you were paying off a
traditional mortgage.

In general, owner financed land has become
more popular, especially for investment land and
hunting property.  
PA Owner Finance land
Pennyorkrealestate.com has land in
Pennsylvania and NY.  Usually several lots
with owner financing.
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