Land For Sale in Rhode Island with Owner Financing

Locating owner financed land for sale in Rhode Island has proven to be a tough task for a couple
of reasons.  First, Rhode Island is the smallest state in the U.S. so it would only make sense that
there is less land available in RI than in other states.  Second, Rhode Island is near the top of the
nation in population density, as it is in close proximity to some metropolitan areas.  

However, I have found a few places where land can be bought in RI where owner financing may be
an option.  In addition to the links I will continually add to below, I have found on occasion that
there are some listings on Craigslist that advertise vacant land for sale by a seller who is willing to
Bay Realty
Located in South County Rhode Island this company has a wide variety of
property available in all price ranges.  Sometimes you have to dig, but I can
usually find a couple lots for sale that are offering owner financing.

Lot Network
This site is a great resource for land throughout the U.S. and you can almost
always find a few lots for sale in Rhode Island with seller finance options
available.  I usually do a search on the site with the keyword "financing" to
come up with the listings.
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