If you are looking for land in Arkansas, owner financing
may be the way to go.  Arkansas is rich in recreational
property, hunting land and beautiful water front home

When purchasing owner financed land in Arkansas you
need to consider that most land contracts in which the
financing is done directly through the seller, the interest
rate will be higher.  This is because the seller in most
cases would prefer a cash sale or bank financing so they
would get the proceeds of the sale immediately.

In a slower economy, sellers are usually more open to
owner financing because receiving monthly payments for
the land is better than paying a realtor to list the property
and waiting for it to sell.    
Arkansas Owner Financed Land
Land Century
This great website has land in several areas but as of
this time has several in Arkansas.  Many have owner
financing, also many lots under $1,000.

Arkansas Owner Financed Land
Baker Company of Yellville, AR specializes in owner
financed real estate.

Land For Sale in AR
Beaver Lake Realty has lots of beautiful property,
some with owner finance options.

Southern Breeze Real Estate
Tons of listings for Mountain homes, Arkansas Real
Estate.  Owner financing available in many of the

Homestead Crossing Inc
Owner Financed Land for sale for building, hunting.  
Several lots listed in Arkansas last time I checked.  
Also a section with land auctions.

Lots of great land in Arkansas Ozarks with Easy
Owner Finance

Owner Financing Available on All Properties
1881.com Investments features land of all types from
Arkansas and other states.

Arkansas Land
Classified listings of Arkansas acreage, many with
owner finance options.

Wolf Creek Realty
Highland, Arkansas company has land and homes for
sale.  You can usually find several listings with owner
finance possibilities on this site.
Why Owner Financing in AR?
If you are interested in acquiring land in Arkansas with owner financing
options, check out the links below.  Those are all companies we have found
that offer in house financing or generally have listing for land in Arkansas
where owner financing is possible.