We are constantly searching the United States to find places you can buy Park Model
Homes.  We do not endorse any of these companies, we simply aim to give you the as
many options as possible to help your search for a Park Model Home.  If you are a dealer
of Park Models in Oregon please send a link to your website to
admin@tinygreenhouses.com and we will be glad to add your company to the directory.
Park Model Homes and Tiny Houses in Oregon
Oregon Cottage Company
Beautiful tiny houses.  Just south of Eugene, OR.

Small Home Oregon
Custom garden cottages and unique eco-friendly homes.  Portland, Oregon.

Tiny Smart House
Albany, Oregon company embracing the tiny house movement.

Portland Alternative Dwellings
Tiny house builders and consultants in Portland, OR.

Tiny Home Oregon
Builds tiny houses by existing design or allows you to design your own through
commission.  You can get complete turnkey or a shell kit that you can finish yourself to
save money.

Oregon Park Model Homes
Leisureland Homes in Albany, OR has Fleetwood Park Models for sale.

Rich's Portable Cabins
Builds custom Park Model Homes in Eastern Oregon.  They will also ship to other
western states, including CA.

Grand Ronde, OR Park Model Homes
Skyline Shore Park Models for sale at Wandering Spirit RV Park in Oregon.

Chris Heininge Construction
Just checked out this website for Chris Heininge Construction.  It is a small company
based in Aurora, OR.  The tiny house shown in the Photos section is absolutely

Tiny Mountain Houses
Salem, OR tiny home company that features single level and lofted floorplans.   
These houses are available for viewing at various home shows throughout the year.

Tiny Heirloom
Custom Luxury Tiny Homes.  Based in Portland, Oregon.  Great collection of homes to
choose from or design your own custom house.  They also have a TV show with at
least 4 seasons that you can find on HGTV and Amazon.

Tongue and Groove
Based in Bend, OR this company was building Tiny Houses on Wheels but because of
some regulations in that city they are now focusing on small houses and cottages that
are built on foundations. This is easily my favorite tiny house website. Check out the
section on Tiny Taverns.

Shelter Wise
Portland, Oregon builders of energy-efficient tiny homes.  They also have some tiny
house plans for sale on the site.