Yurt Companies

Yurts of Hawaii
Yurts of Hawaii builds yurts. Strong, beautiful, inspired, and
economical housing from Mongolia.

Yurts of America
Certified engineering, quality craftsmanship, and durable materials
guaranteed, Yurts of America offers the best and most economical
year-round yurt on the market today.

Groovy Yurts
Based in Canada, but they ship all over the world.  If you would like
to try one out they have rentals all over, including California, Texas
and New York.
Rainier Yurts
Rainier Industries is an international manufacturer of innovative
fabric, shelter and display products based in Seattle, Washington.

Blue Ridge Yurts
Custom fabric circular Yurts made for the Southeastern US  
Located in Floyd, VA.

Solargon Structures
Solargons are octagonal buildings featuring passive solar design
principles.  Like Yurts, made with Structural Insulated Panels.  
Loveland, Colorado.

Colorado Yurt Company
Based on the traditional Mongolian yurt, also known as a ger, the
affordable, durable, modern yurt could be just what you’re looking
for.  I love this company because they actually have prices listed
right on the website.

Laurel Nest Yurts
Asheville, North Carolina company that builds affordable,
sustainable Yurt Homes.

Pacific Yurts
This Cottage Grove, Oregon company is the original manufacturer
of the modern yurt.  They have been around since 1978!
Yurts companies
Adirondack Yurts
The outward leaning walls on these yurts give lots of room for
cabinets, desks and shelfs.  Customizable with many options.

Sun Time Yurts
This company is based in Leavenworth, Washington.  These are
hand made and imported from Mongolia.  They have several
designs and also sell accessories.

Surely Yurts
Lots of choices and options available, like a solar energy system
that will provide off the grid lighting.

Fortress Yurts
These are sturdy structures with solid walls, insulation and glass
windows.  Based in Taos, New Mexico.  There are some great
options and upgrades to make them even better.  They also have
some yurts in stock that you can buy and get as soon as possible.
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Ohana Yurts
Waialua, Hawaii company sells quality yurts using the best
materials, made in America.  They also provide professional
installers to make sure everything is done right.

Freedom Yurt-Cabins
These are wood yurt-cabin kits that they say you can assemble in
3-5 days.  There are 4 different sizes with complete specs, photos
and floor plans of each one on the site.  There are some nice
optional upgrades you can get as well.