Recreational Resort Cottages - Granbury TX
Features Pine Mountain Cabins  and  Athens Park
Homes recreational RV Park Model Cottages and

Athens Park Homes, Athens TX
Park model home manufacturer working hard to
make your new Park Model as  "Green" as possible.

Austin Tiny Homes
Company builds tiny houses with customizable plans.

Pratt Homes
Tyler, TX builder of modular homes, including Tiny
Houses.  Lots of great pictures on their website.

Austin TX Small Houses
Buy A Small House constructs energy-efficient, long
lasting affordable tiny houses.
Park Models and Tiny Houses in Texas
                 A Few thoughts on Tiny Houses in Texas

Tiny houses in Texas have attracted more attention in recent times. They offer a
perfect abode for a family who wants to live a simpler life with fewer possessions
and financial obligations, and who would like to have a smaller environmental
footprint. Tiny houses are customizable, and much more affordable than traditional
homes. They are movable, eco-friendly living and easy to tidy. Tiny houses have a
lot of benefits, like the ability to remove clutter from your life and become debt-free.

If you have the time and ability to design and build the house yourself, you can
save a lot of money by limiting your costs to just the materials. There are tiny
home designers out there who will create and build it for you, but that obviously
costs more. Tiny houses are just a fraction of the price of traditional homes, and
you can have everything designed specifically for you. And, you can find free tiny
house plans from all over the internet if you don't want to hire someone to design it
for you.

Tiny houses are movable unlike normal houses, and can be driven anywhere in
the country. If you get a new job in a different city, state, or even country and have
to move? All you need is a plot of land to park your tiny home on; you’re not tied to
any property. Your only permanent tie is to the house itself, so if you get a new job
somewhere else, you can simply hitch it to a truck and drive it to that new place!

Since some tiny houses in Texas are equipped with rainwater collection and solar
panels, they can be parked just about anywhere you want. Using solar or wind
resources to give your house power, using a rainwater catch and filtration system,
and installing a composting toilet are all steps to enabling your tiny green house to
become functional anywhere in the world.

Whether you use solar power or hook your tiny house up to a power line, the
energy needs of such a tiny space are much smaller than the energy needs of a
normal home. Smaller appliances work more efficiently and a smaller space uses
less power to heat and cool the air.If you need to connect to a power source, you’ll
still have to pay your electric bill, but it can be a quarter of the electric bill of a
traditional full sized home.

Even though the space is limited, a search on Amazon can show many different
appliances that can make your limited space seem plenty livable.  For example,
there are portable washer and dryer sets that allow you to wash your clothes with
a simple connection to your sink or bathtub faucet.

Since tiny houses are so much smaller than a normal house there’s less room to
keep possessions, so you are kind of forcing yourself to decide what is really
important.   I mean, you could rent a storage unit if you needed to, but that’s all
you.  Once you’ve pared down your possessions, you’ll only have meaningful and
really necessary things.

If you love to redecorate home every year or two, a tiny house might be the best
canvas for you. Even if you wanted to repaint the whole thing, it would be done in
a single afternoon with just a can or two of paint. A typical tiny green house in
Texas will not require too much cleaning. Another benefit that comes from having
less space is you won’t use as much cleaner. Sweeping will only take a couple of
Backcountry Containers
Shipping container homes have become very popular
eco-friendly, energy efficient dwellings. Located in
Needville, TX.

Sasquatch Custom Homes
Magnolia, Texas builders of custom tiny houses.

Kanga Room Systems
Designer and manufacturer cabins, sheds, studios.  
Located near Waco, TX.

Tiny House Outlet
Greenville, Texas factory outlet builds tiny houses
and is available for up close viewing.