Tiny Villa
Custom Built tiny homes in Utah. Great floor plans and information on locations to
put your home in Utah, as well as tiny house subdivisions.

Tiny Green Cabins - This is a national company based in Minnesota that ships tiny
cabin homes throughout the U.S.  The website has a chart that lists shipping costs.  
Based on $2.98 per gallon the estimate for Utah was $2200.   They have a great
website with tons of information.

Tiny Utah house - this link is to Zip Kit homes, which is a division of Timberhawk
homes, a company that makes prefab houses.  Most of the plans showed would not
be considered "tiny", but they do have one that is 384 sq ft, which would qualify it as
a park model.  The company is located in Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

Utah Builder of Extreme Tiny Homes
Maximus Extreme Living Solutions designs and builds "Tiny Homes on Steroids".  
Incredible, unique small houses.

Alpine Tiny Homes
Custom design build company based in Vineyard, Utah.  They have some beautiful
features, including solar panels.

Lakeside Tiny Homes
Lindon, Utah builder of tiny houses.  Lots of great information on the site, including
We are constantly searching the United States to find places you can buy Park Model Homes.  We
do not endorse any of these companies, we simply aim to give you the as many options as
possible to help your search for a Park Model Home.  If you are a dealer of Park Models in Utah
please send a link to your website to admin@tinygreenhouses.com and we will be glad to add your
company to the directory.
Park Model Homes and Tiny Houses in Utah