We are constantly searching the United States to find places you can buy Park Model Homes and other tiny houses.  
Many homes that may be called tiny homes are also considered park models.  One of the characteristics of homes
that are classified as park model homes is that it is 400 sf or smaller.  Any of the companies listed here will have at
least some options for houses that are that size.
If you are a dealer of Park Models or other tiny houses in Vermont please send a link to your website to
admin@tinygreenhouses.com and we will be glad to add your company to the directory.
Vermont Park Model Homes
Vermont Park Model Homes - Village Homes is a Berlin, Vermont retailer for
Park Models, as well as Manufactured Singlewide and Doublewide Homes
and Modular Homes.

Park Model Homes in Vermont - Fecteau Homes of Montpelier, VT has
beautiful Park Model Homes.

Cottage living - Jamaica Cottage Shop builds small houses and cottages in
Londonderry, Vermont.  Lots of plans and pictures of options.
Tiny House Crafters
Custom tiny house design-builders in southern Vermont.  Great information on
financing with models and even custom quotes.