If you have owner financed land for sale in Alaska, send a link to
admin@tinygreenhouses.com and we will include it in this directory.
Finding Owner Financed Land in Alaska
Why is owner financed land in Alaska becoming more popular?  Because of
recent economic factors, many people interested in buying land as a home site
or investment have been reluctant to purchase because of less than perfect credit.

Buying land with owner financing eliminates the need for a credit check since
you are buying directly from the owner, and not borrowing money from a bank.

The seller holds the title to the land until the final payment is made.
In the current economy owner financed land in Alaska and many other places is
also attractive for the seller because it enables more potential buyers to qualify.  
For owner financed land in Alaska, check out the links below.
Alaska Property Owner Financing

Fox Realty is a great website with land of all types in Alaska with owner
finance available.  Recreational, residential, commercial land throughout
the state.  Last time I checked there was acreage in Fairbanks, North
Pole, Valdez  among other locations

Alaska Land and Cabins

Beautiful Residential and Recreational Properties in Alaska with owner
finance options