Owner Financed Idaho Land

Idaho Country Properties has acreage
and ranches for sale with Owner
Finance possibilities.
If you have owner financed land for sale in Idaho, send
a link to admin@tinygreenhouses.com and we will
include it in this directory.
Idaho Owner Financed Land
   Why buy owner financed land in Idaho?

If you are thinking of buying land in Idaho but are not sure if you can get financing,
you may want to consider owner financing.  Many people who are selling land are
open to the  idea of financing the property rather than waiting to find a buyer who
can pay in cash or qualify for a bank loan.  

Owner Financed Land makes sense in the current economy because it has
advantages for both sellers and buyers of property.  Buyers of land who would not
otherwise be able to get financing can often get easy terms and a low down
payment from a motivated seller.

By offering owner financing on land for sale the seller can
usually get a higher price and sell the land faster than if the land was just made
available to cash buyers.  For these reasons, owner financed land in Idaho should
become even more available in the near future.
Idaho Owner financed land

Northwest National Real Estate has
farms, ranches, hunting land, home
sites for sale in Idaho, many with owner