Owner Finance in OH
Hurdle Land has property in Ohio with low down payment and owner

Owner Financed Land in Ohio
Land for sale in Athens and Vinton County, OH and other real estate from
Dodrill Realty.  Most lots have owner financing available.

Ohio Land For Sale - Owner Financing

The state of Ohio offers great opportunities for those interested in buying
land for building, hunting or investing.  With the downturn in the economy
and real estate market, many sellers of land in Ohio are more open to the
idea of owner financing.  

Owner financed land is a popular option because it allows more people the
opportunity to purchase.  There is usually no credit check because the
seller holds title to the land until the last payment is made, reducing the risk
for the seller.  

Check out the links below for sites that offer land in Ohio with owner
financing possibilities.
If you have owner financed land for sale in Ohio, send a link to
admin@tinygreenhouses.com and we will include it in this directory.
Owner Financed Land in Ohio - More resources
In addition to the links on this page, a couple other places for finding owner financed
land for sale in Ohio are ebay and Youtube.  You may not think of ebay as a source for
real estate, but with the large reach of the website I have run across owner financed
land on many occasions.

Currently, a quick check shows vacant land for sale in Toledo for 21 cents per foot and
a large lot in Ohio that is ready to build on.  The listings here might not specifically
mention owner financing in the title, but many people listing land on the site are open
to offers and may be receptive to selling their land on a seller finance basis.  For this
reason I would not type "owner finance land in ohio" into the search box when looking
for potential Ohio land, but I would go to the Real Estate category and type "Ohio land"
in the search box to make sure I did not miss out on a great opportunity.

Youtube is another interesting opportunity for finding land for sale in Ohio with owner
financing available.  Many individuals will take a video of their property and post it to
Youtube to get maximum exposure.  Someone that has gone to this length to promote
their land is often the kind of person that may be willing to work out a deal for their
Ohio land that involves owner financing.

Here you can just type in "owner finance land Ohio" and you will likely come up with a
few interesting videos highlighting owner financed property for sale by individuals and
companies.  Again, I generally prefer to do a more thorough search by typing "Ohio
Land" or "Ohio Real Estate" in the search box just in case there is some great parcel of
land for sale by someone who forgot to mention that they were offering owner financing.
Owner financed land in Ohio